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Registered with the Birmingham and Sheffield Assay Offices
Est 1970

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Horse Head

Camel for The Middle East

Wax for sterling silver

Wax for sterling silver

Having made and moulded the statue we then inject a wax into the mould to cause the shape. Here the wax is being cleaned prior to incarcerating in a ceramic. The molten silver will then be poured in through a vent and the wax will evaporate out through another vent (runners and risers) leaving the shape.

Half Life Size

Half life size bronze statue being completed with a light green patina. A granite base will host the statue.

Life size and greater are available (see Big Ron).
Silver Vehicle

Silver Vehicle

The early stages of a hand made sterling silver vehicle being made.

Op Soldier 2009

Double Impala

Double Impala

The double Impala scene, sculpted by an outside artist who is now using Peter Hicks Ltd to produce the final statue in both bronze and resin bronze.

KRH Corner Badges

KRH Corner Badges

Shaped to flow with the contours of the base (which we also made). The picture shows the resins being made prior to the shaped mould and production of the sterling silver pieces.

Set Us the Challenge

Just because we show the statues in one standard form why not ask us to create something unique.  In this example we were asked to mount the Mountain Climber onto some local rock both of which meant that little bit more to the recipient.  The options are limitless.
Mountain Rescue or LeaderMountain Climber


All statues commissioned & approved as authentic by the Sponsor, the Military Units, the Associations and / or the Companies who have asked us to produce statues and centre pieces for them since 1970.  Peter Hicks Ltd's work has been admired and sought after since Peter Hicks first introduced his style in the 1970's. By having our own workshop, the entire process is overseen by the originator / sculptor ensuring that every small detail is finished properly - detail matters. 
Over the years we have provided the Army alone with more than 350 centre pieces, have built to 1.5 life size right down to miniature and have a pan European client base.  Bronze sculptures and silver sculptures available from the workshop.  For new commissions please contact Peter Hicks Ltd by either email or telephone. 

COMMISSION PROCESS.  Once the commission has been agreed the process is:
a. Photographs required from customer and / or visit by sculptor to see subject in the required pose complete with equipment.
b. Sculptor starts work once all information has been received and agreed between customer and Peter Hicks Ltd.
c. First sight by customer to approve and confirm any final amendments
d. Final amendments approved by customer.
e. Master piece goes to moulding.
f. Production starts.
g. Payment required at on completion

Peter Hicks Ltd > More Info > Commissions

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Makers of unique Trophies and Presentation Pieces in sterling silver, bronze, hallmarked silver plate, bronze resin and painted options

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