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Peter Hicks Ltd > Statues > Corporate > The Moonraker

Wiltshire Moonraker (Unmounted) Wiltshire Moonraker (Unmounted) Ref: 515

In the old smuggling days two men came from Bristol with a cask of smuggled brandy. Nearing 'Vizes" their donkey ran away throwing the cask into the Crammer.

An Excise man came upon them trying to fish it out with a rake. The men, seeing the moon reflected in the water, and wishing to mislead him, told him they were raking for the cheese.

The Zizeman was convulsed with laughter that two men could so foolishly rake for "The shadder of tha moon", thinking it a cheese: they, on their part, rejoiced that they had fooled the Zizeman.

"The Zizeman zoon the tale let out to a'll the country round about, and even now people da teaze a'll Willsheer foke about the cheese. But 'tis thay, as can avoord to grin ta zee how nice he wur took in ! ".

  • Approximate height (including the base): 280 mm.
  • Alternative selection of MDF, Mahogany and other bases are available. Individual bases made to order.

    Price: 86.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

    Includes statue number

    Additional Options


    Mount on a wooden base (H1022)

    Nickel silver engraved plate (Text Only)

    Nickel silver engraved plate (Text & 2 x Badges)


  • Peter Hicks Ltd > Statues > Corporate > The Moonraker

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